GenAI 0 to Hero: Playbook to Building GenAI Apps with LLM

Aman Sharma, CTO of, delivered an enlightening presentation titled “GenAI 0 to Hero: Playbook to Building GenAI Apps with LLM” during the recent CTO Insights event. He introduced the “Lean GenOps Playbook,” highlighting its pivotal role in enhancing operational efficiency through lean methodologies. Sharma emphasized strategic planning, optimal team configuration, and streamlined processes as core elements of the playbook, ensuring continuous improvement and maximum efficiency.

In his discussion, Sharma underscored the importance of integrating performance metrics to monitor and refine processes, staying on the cutting edge of operational efficiency. He pointed out that the playbook advocates for the use of specific tools and technologies designed to enhance productivity and streamline operations, which is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Sharma’s key recommendations centered on implementing lean methodologies to foster a culture of efficiency and effectiveness. He stressed that by following the “Lean GenOps Playbook,” organizations can achieve significant improvements in their operational processes, leading to better performance and greater success. This approach ensures teams are well-equipped to handle modern operational demands, making them indispensable to their organizations’ strategic vision and overall success.



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