Milestones for a Data + AI Strategy for your Company

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Bayron Quintero’s presentation titled “Milestones to Create an Effective Data + AI Strategy for your Company”, emphasizes the significant impact of data and artificial intelligence on revolutionizing business operations. Highlighting the journey from the democratization of AI with the launch of Chat GPT 3.0 by OpenAI to the current era of generative AI, Quintero illustrates the evolution of data usage in companies and the pivotal shifts in technology that have transformed industry practices.

He discusses the importance of prompt engineering over traditional data engineering and showcases the application of AI across various departments, underlining the notion that every business is becoming an AI business.

Quintero also addresses the future of AI in businesses, focusing on the role of governance, synthetic data, and the trend towards data-centric and generative AI models. He presents a vision where prompt engineering and the strategic application of AI technologies become central to overcoming challenges and leveraging opportunities in the digital age.

Through his insights, Quintero encourages organizations to embrace AI and data analytics as essential components of their strategic planning, ensuring they remain competitive and innovative in an increasingly data-driven world.



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