Navigating from Bootstrapping to Public Company Exit

Alex Robbio’s talk, “Navigating from Bootstrapping to Public Company Exit,” covered key aspects of a company’s transition from its inception to going public or being sold. Robbio, who co-founded Belatrix Software and led it to a successful sale agreement with Globant, shared his personal and professional experience in growing a company and its eventual sale.

The presentation focused on crucial topics, including reasons to consider an exit, various available options (like IPO, M&A, and sales to strategic or financial buyers), and strategic and psychological aspects of the process. He also emphasized the importance of having a strong, sales-ready team and discussed life after a successful exit, including integration and adapting to a new professional and personal phase.

Additionally, Robbio highlighted the significance of building and maintaining a strong corporate culture and a cohesive team, especially during transition and change phases. He pointed out how a company’s culture can affect its appeal to potential buyers or investors and the ease of integration into a new structure after a sale.

Moreover, he offered advice on preparing for negotiations, managing expectations, and the importance of transparent communication with employees, partners, and clients during the sale or IPO process.


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