The CTO at the Executive Table: Ensuring Impact and Value in Leadership

Edgar Escobar, CIO of Grupo ALTO, delivered an insightful presentation titled “The CTO at the Executive Table: Ensuring Impact and Value in Leadership” during the CTO Insights event on May 23, 2024. He emphasized the evolving role of the CTO, highlighting its strategic importance in driving business success through technological innovation.

Escobar discussed the challenges CTOs face, such as balancing innovation with operational goals, effective communication with C-level executives, and adapting to emerging technologies. He stressed the need for fostering collaboration, promoting continuous learning, aligning technology initiatives with strategic business goals, and simplifying technical concepts for non-technical stakeholders.

Escobar’s key recommendations focused on the importance of CTOs being change leaders, promoting visibility, and achieving operational excellence through consistent best practices. He underscored the significance of integrating IT into core business operations and maintaining transparency in progress and reporting. By following these strategies, CTOs can maximize their impact and value, ensuring they are seen as essential contributors to business success and strategic vision within their organizations.



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